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In the investment industry, retail investors are always on the weak and harvested side.Is there any method to change the weakness of individual investors so that they could fight against even exceed institutions? It would be so hard, basically impossible, in other industries; however, we could make it in the blockchain industry. In the blockchain industry, we could get multiple individual investors united to form an “investment + socialization” DAO, whose strength could exceed the traditional investment institutions.

1.What Is DAO

The current organizations do not exist all the time. For example, “company” did not exist all the time but occurred to the need to get used to the socialized mass production of the market economy at the beginning of the 16th century; and it has gone through several hundred years of development to be what we could see now. Along with the development of blockchain technology, a new human organizational synergy comes to the stage. This is DAO.

DAO is the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization and an organization structure based on the core idea of blockchain with the implementation of decentralization, which is derived from the collaborative behavior of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and sharing spontaneously generated by groups reaching the same consensus. In the essence, DAO is an embodiment of the application of blockchain technology, which is a revolutionary evolution in the history of human cooperation. The appearance of DAO is a new social model experiment through the development of blockchain technology to have decentralization of power. It is a necessary output for social development, and it is also people’s demand and desire for power or governance power.

In the imaginary and ideal DAO system, management is coded, programming and automated. “Code is law”, which is the purpose complied by the cryptocurrency world. The organization is changed from pyramid-shaped to distributed, and power has been modified from centralized to decentralized. Management is upgraded from a bureaucratic system to community autonomy. The organization running does not need the company but the highly autonomous community.

The community adheres to the principles of equality, voluntariness and mutual benefit; and it is driven by the mutual resource endowment, complementary advantages and win-win interests. Everybody plays their own strengths to push the entire community to march forward.

2.What is Valiant DAO

Valiant DAO is a powerful organization composed of many individual investors with different backgrounds, strengths, values and expertise. The vision of Valiant DAO is to let each DAO member gain sufficient spiritual wealth and material wealth from Valiant DAO.

There have been all kinds of DAO in the market, such as Investment DAO, Grants DAO, Collector DAO, Protocol DAO, Service DAO, Social DAO, Media Dao, etc. Valiant DAO belongs to the combination of Investment DAO and Social DAO, i.e. the “investment + socialization” DAO.

3.Structure and Running Rule of Valiant DAO

Valiant DAO NFT is the right certificate for the Valiant DAO system. The entire Valiant DAO system is equipped with 10 thousands independent Valiant DAO NFTs. Anyone could join Valiant DAO to be a member of Valiant DAO when having one Valiant DAO NFT, and they could enjoy all kinds of welfare and rights of Valiant DAO. Meanwhile, those who do not hold the Valiant DAO NFT for all reasons would quit Valiant DAO and could not enjoy the welfare or rights.


Organization Chart of Valiant DAO:

Management Committee is the highest management decision-making institution of Valiant DAO to be in charge of five departments, including the foundation, investment research department, ministry of commerce, technology department and event planning department. There are 5 managers on the management committee. The managers are selected from the DAO members who participate in the campaign. The term of office is 2 years, and they could be renewable. During the change of the term of office, any DAO member with more than 5 Valiant DAO NFTs could participate in the campaign, and the top 5 DAO members with the highest votes could be the managers of the next term. The salary of the foundation manager is paid by the foundation; however, the manager gets no salary in the first session but gains it monthly from the second session. The specific amount would be confirmed by the proposal. The term of manager would be automatically relieved of the office once there have less than 5 Valiant DAO NFTs during the employment. DAO members could impeach a manager, and the impeachment would be successful if the proposal gains more than one-third of the votes (10000/3=3333.33). For all reasons, there would be a campaign for managers to fill in the vacant post once there are less than 5 managers.

The supervisors of the five departments, foundation, investment research department, ministry of commerce, technology department and event planning department, must be the DAO members who must have no less than 2 Valiant DAO NFTs. When the DAO members apply for the campaign for supervisors, each Valiant DAO NFT has 1 vote, and each committee manager has 100 votes respectively (except for the number of NFT votes held by the manager as a DAO member). The one with the highest votes would be the supervisors of the department. The term of office of the supervisors is 2 years. The manager of the management committee could work as the supervisor of the department. One supervisor could be dismissed with the approval of more than half of the managers of the management committee. When there is a vacant post for a certain supervisor, the management committee should set about the campaign for the organization supervisor. During the post vacancy of a supervisor in a certain department, the management committee should coordinate an acting manager to act as the supervisor so that the department could keep working normally.

4.Rights for Joining Valiant DAO

  1. Have the Chance to Participate in High-quality Projects at the First Time

  2. Get the Free Airdrop

  3. Get the High-quality Network Circle

  4. Get Much More Investment Opportunities

  5. Get the Profit Dividend of Valiant DAO Operation Projects

  6. Get the Return of NFT Appreciation

5.Development Planning

(1)Running the Private Investment Funds

Most people are unsuitable for making investments, and they may not make a profit even if they were informed of a good project. They won’t join the project in the early period but enter it till it is soaring, or they just gain a little project and quit the project at the wrong time, or they would have a poor capital distribution among multiple projects… In conclusion, investment has a higher requirement for the comprehensive ability of investors, and most people would be hard to end up with a good result when relying on their own ability.

Valiant DAO has resources, channels and professional abilities, and the investment ability is much better than that of most institutions. A private investment fund would be established to make investments in blockchain projects. The private investment fund is only open for the DAO members, so others must hold Valiant DAO NFT to be the DAO members if they want to join the fund. The running process of the fund would be maximally open, and all fund investors could see the running situation of the funds during the running process so as to ensure the capital security for the investors.

(2)Running Company Within the Metaverse Projects

Metaverse is a tendency. Metaverse projects would be increased continuously in the next few years, and the market would be more and more mature. The metaverse is a virtual world, and there would be all kinds of companies. Valiant DAO would set up real estate companies, gaming companies, amusement parks, car rental companies, and aircraft rental companies in the metaverse, and parts of the profits generated by these companies would be distributed to the DAO members each year.

(3)Development of Ecological Projects

As an organization, Valiant DAO would have a layout of ecology in the future to develop projects in all modules, such as developing metaverse, Defi and other new modules in the future.

Many people believe that Valiant DAO will shine in the web3 era, we will wait and see.

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