Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

GameFi’s new force, MetaHero, was officially launched globally on March 22. In just a few days, it has attracted a large number of guilds and players around the world. The game circulation token, HSPC, soared more than 12 times within 24 hours of its opening, causing a heated discussion in the GameFi field for a while.

As a project with great potential for explosion, MetaHero has both high playability and considerable profitability from game playability to economic model, so it can attract the attention of many guilds and players in the field of chain games. , and the performance of HSPC just illustrates the popularity of MetaHero from the side.

MetaHero’s ecological circulation token HSPC was listed on the VAEX exchange on March 23. The opening price was 0.025, and the current price was 0.372, an increase of more than 1277%. The trading volume was good and the buying order was sufficient, which was enough to show players’ interest in the game and projects. Confidence.

As the circulation token of the entire ecology, HSPC is crucial to the implementation and development of the MetaHero game ecology. HSPC also undertakes the functions of game ecological circulation, supply and demand adjustment, and output settlement. It can be said that it directly determines the economic trend of the entire game ecology.

First of all, HSPC undertakes the circulation function of the game ecology. It connects the equity tokens and asset tokens of the game in the form of a bridge, and is also applied to multiple ecological scenarios such as hero NFT summoning, synthesis upgrade, and asset exchange in the game. It needs to consume a lot of HSPC to operate, so it can be said that it is an ecological passport.

Secondly, HSPC has played a crucial role in the virtuous circle of the entire game ecology. As the number of users increases, the price of the token will also rise. When the number of users reaches a certain level, the price of the token will stabilize or even retrace to prevent excessive inflation and excessive imbalance between supply and demand, ensuring ecological sustainable.

Furthermore, HSPC, as an output token, is connected to the decentralized game ecology and centralized exchanges. The transaction of HSPC is an unavoidable program for players and investors to participate in the game of superhero. In terms of user confidence, it is a blind stabilizer, so it has a strong value support.

To sum up, as a large-scale tower defense GameFi, MetaHero’s scientific economic model will lay a solid economic foundation for the implementation of the game ecology. With the continuous release of the game and the overall implementation of the ecology, HSPC will surely achieve amazing performance.

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