Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

ID LABS signed a contract with Country Garden Country Garden Golden Bay to jointly develop green ecological real estate and create a digital community. This cooperation will inject new vitality into the real estate market, create a WEB3.0 digital community, and will also promote the application and development of blockchain technology in the real estate field.

Space ID is a Web3.0 identity network that facilitates the acquisition and management of domain names through blockchain technology. The ID Labs ecosystem is an ecosystem based on Space ID, which aims to provide users with more comprehensive and diversified services. Through the ID Labs ecosystem, users can perform operations such as digital asset management, trading, and investment, and at the same time participate in various community activities to obtain more rewards and benefits. Country Garden Golden Bay is a well-known real estate developer, and it also has a certain amount of accumulation and experience in green and ecological real estate.

In this cooperation, the two parties will jointly develop green ecological real estate projects and create digital communities under the environment of WEB3.0 communication coverage. Among them, blockchain technology will be applied to real estate transactions, digital identity authentication, smart contracts, etc., thereby improving the security and credibility of real estate transactions. At the same time, the construction of digital communities will also provide residents with a more convenient and intelligent lifestyle.

It is reported that the development of the project will adopt the green building standards of Country Garden Golden Bay, pay attention to environmental protection, energy saving, health and other aspects, and create a green ecological community in the true sense. At the same time, ID LABS will provide blockchain technology support for the project, so as to achieve the goals of decentralization and transparency of real estate transactions.

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