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From product economy to channel business, and then from e-commerce economy to flow commerce, the traditional business model has gone through four periods of development.Traditional commodity trading mode and consumption mode are also gradually changing.However, as the market gradually saturated, the traditional business model began a large-scale internal volume and unfair competition.This kind of behavior also affects the normal consumption ability of users, and the whole market is looking for ways to break through the bottleneck.

With the maturity of technology, the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as decentralized, tamper-free and upper chain traceability, have a better fit with the traditional businesses, which can almost perfectly solve the pain points existing in the market and bring greater development space for the traditional real industry.

It is that the blockchain technology has the huge potential to redefine the existing business rules. Based on years of practical experience in the real economy, the NTS project team has built the NTS after several years of development and experiment (N T S).We will be committed to the use of blockchain technology to rebuild a new real industry economy, and take three ecological periods to help traditional enterprises move to the road of technological transformation.


How the NTS will transform the traditional physical industries

  • 1.0 Decentralized shopping mall system

NTS has built up a completely decentralized DApp mall app.Remove all the intermediate links, shape the industrial structure into the A To C mode, so that all the goods can be directly circulated and traded on the NTS chain, saving the sales cost of manufacturers, and also providing users with a fast and low threshold consumption environment.And through the blessing bag mechanism continues to stimulate users, to achieve the third distribution of wealth.

  • 2.0 Enterprise chain reform, ecological community and decentralized Internet of Things ecology

NTS will go deep into the traditional enterprise structure, use the blockchain technology to reconstruct the enterprise business activity model, redefine the interest distribution relationship between producers, consumers and other participants, and realize the enterprise chain reform.

Build an ecological community, and synchronously build an NTS industrial ecology in the three aspects of producing high-quality content, attracting resources and promoting application implementation.

Change the traditional Internet of Things, make use of the technical advantages of blockchain to replace or remove the complex intermediate links, and reduce the information transmission costs and construction and maintenance costs for the Internet of Things.In addition, NTS replaces the commodity production to circulation link with blockchain technology, divides its respective information related to the commodity, and then enters the chain by itself, making a complete process record and tracking the whole process.Provide all aspects of guarantee in commodity traceability, privacy protection and cost reduction.

  • 3.0 The era of universal license empowerment.

NTS has certified its assets as the perfect solution for convenient, low-cost payments.In traditional commercial payments, if users want to make cross-border transactions, they have to go through several intermediate links, take days or more to complete the transactions, and afford high fees.The NTS payment system can reduce a number of intermediate payment institutions in digital payment, and use NTS certificate to make point-to-point settlement between buyers and sellers, greatly reduce settlement cost and improve settlement efficiency.

Future application imagination

The NTS can do much more than that.In order to realize the vision of “post-Internet era” and build human “virtual dual life”; NTS will enter the metacaverse ecology, use blockchain technology and NTS to explore a new value market in social, finance, adventure and game, and explore the potential attributes of metacUniverse.

NTS will also set up a special team to build a Human ecosystem based on Minecraft and H DIY: Fall Flat to provide an infinite possible world in the future.

From the beginning of the change, NTS will use the power of blockchain to develop the hidden attributes of the existing traditional business market, and will now become the value forerunner of The Times.

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